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6.2.3 Provide Start & Due Date to a Task

This feature enables users to assign specific start and due dates to tasks. This helps to establish clear timelines and deadlines for each task in a project.

Steps to Use:

  • Select a task from a project. The task modal page opens.
  • Click the estimated start date & provide the date & time.
  • Click the estimated due date & provide the date & time.
Providing Start & Due Date

Important Note:

  • The start date must not exceed the due date.
  • Providing the start date and due date is mandatory to see a task in the Gantt chart and Calendar View.


  • With this feature, users can easily track progress and ensure that tasks are completed on time.
  • It also allows for better resource planning and scheduling and helps avoid delays or overlapping tasks.
  • By providing start and due dates for tasks, the authority can keep the project on track and achieve project goals within the designated timeline.