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Item Action Button

When users select an item, some action buttons get activated. These action buttons provide quick access to everyday task management actions. The buttons allow users to edit a task quickly, move it to another project, mark it as completed, add it to a sprint, reopen it, delete it, and track time for it. These actions help users stay organized, manage their workload, and keep track of their progress on individual items.
Here’s a brief description of each action button in Onethread’s Item Action Button feature:
  • Edit an item: Allows users to modify the details of an item, such as a name, description, due date, and assigned team members.
  • Move to another project: Enables users to transfer an item to another project if it is deemed more suitable for that project.
  • Mark as completed: This lets users mark an item as completed when it has been finished and update its progress status accordingly.
  • Add to a sprint: Allows users to assign an item to a specific sprint, a fixed period completing a group of related tasks.
  • Reopen a task: Allows users to reopen an item previously marked as completed in case it needs further modification or review.
  • Track time for an item: This allows users to log their time working on an item, which can help track productivity and manage time effectively.
  • Delete an item: This enables users to remove an item from the project entirely.
Item Action Buttons