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4.3.2 Change Company profile picture

This feature allows administrators to change the current profile picture of the company easily. It provides a convenient way to update the company's visual representation and improve its overall look and feel within the platform.

Use Case:

  • Companies may need to update their profile picture per various government holidays or cultural festivals where they may want to showcase their support and appreciation & and be in sync with current events.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature:

  • Users must have an account in Onethread.
  • Users must be a part of a company.
  • Users must be Super Admins/Admins to change a profile picture.

Steps to Use:

  • Click the Company profile section.
  • You will see your company photo just beside the company's full name.
  • Click on the photo.
  • Press the browse button and choose your new photo.
  • Click the save button.
Changing Company profile picture